Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I can use the internet to help me support my teaching and student learning by encouraging research projects. Also, students can collaborate on the group projects that they are involved in through a Wiki. I think that another good idea is to post a survey before beginning a chapter to assess what knowledge the students are bringing to the subjuect.

I can monitor appropriate use of the internet by providing a hot list of appropriate websites that the students should restrict their research to.

I am thinking about creating a survey that the students can take at the beginning of my unit concerning nutrition, healthy habits, calorie intake and the use of calories in the body. After the students have taken this survey and received the correct answers, I will show them my project example, which is a brochure. The brochure will talk about nutrition, healthy habits, calorie intack and the use of calories in the body. This, along with a rubric, will hopefully help the students form an idea of how they can present the same information to the class through their presentations.

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